The Use of the Magnetic Defectograph, M.D. 6

CIM Bulletin, 1969

A. C. ROSS, Manager, Technical Services, Western Area, Wire Rope Industries of Canada (1966) Limited, Vancouver, B.C.

The paper will deal with non-destructive testing in general, and its advantages to those responsible for the maintenance of wire rope. An outline of the main features of the M.D. 6 Defectograph will be given, and the method of operation and results obtained will be described. The instrument will accommodate ropes at 7 /16- to 2 %inch diameter at reasonable speeds, and is capable of detecting the most minute defects in even the largestdiameter wire ropes.
Keywords: Fault, Faults, magnet, non-destructive testing, Nondestructive testing, selsyn, Wire Ropes, Magnets, Non-destructive testing, Rope, Ropes, test, Tests, wire rope, Wire ropes