The Use of the Induced Polarization Method To Find Ore Under Lake Chibougamau

CIM Bulletin, 1967

P. G. Hallof, McPhar Geophysics Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

The exploration staff of Campbell-Chibougamau Mines Limited has used past experience to delineate several areas of geologic interest under Lake . Chibougamau . During the winter of 1964-65, a reconnaissance induced. polarization survey was carried out on the lake. First, several lines were surveyed over the known mineralization at the Henderson mine; the grid was then extended into the areas of interest. Several anomalous zones were located and drilled; one, of these proved to be of economic interest.
Keywords: Chibougamau, induced polarization, IP results, mineralization, porphyry copper, Drilling, exploration, Induced polarization, Mine, mineralization, Mines, Survey, Surveys