The Use of Infra-Red Heating for the Drying of Ores and Test Products at the Mines Branch Laboratories

CIM Bulletin, 1958


This paper describes the development of an infra-red ore dryer at the Mines Branch. The dryer utilizes an infra-red heat source mounted over a stainless-steel belt to dry ores and concentrates of varying particle size and moisture content. It has been found to be successful in meeting Mines Branch requirements of minimum dusting loss and ease of cleaning to decrease contamination between various batches of dried products. It is described with the hope that it might prove useful in other laboratories where there are similar problems. It might have an application in the drying of concentrates containing high values where dust losses would result in a considerable loss of revenue; also for small batches of material or an intermittent drying problem.
Keywords: Annual General Meeting, infra-red, Ottawa, red heat, screw conveyor, Concentrate, Concentrates, Dryers, Drying, Heat sources, Materials, Mines Branch, Ore, Ores