The Use of Hydraulic Cyclones in the Filtration of Sullivan Lead Concentrates

CIM Bulletin, 1956

DURING the summer of 1953, test work commenced at the Sullivan Concentrator with a view to the modification of filtration practice by the inclusion of wet cyclone classification of the lead concentrates, with separate filtration of the underflow and overflow products. Formerly, practice was conventional and the equipment employed comprised one 50-foot diameter thickener •with the underflow routed via a 20-foot stock tank to two 8-foot by 12-foot Oliver filters. Heating of the filter feeds to 40° C. and the use of mechanical slappers on the filter drums •have both been standard features of Sullivan practice for year s. Both of these have been retained.
Keywords: bottom type, Cyclone, filter feed, Quebec City, underflow, cyclones, Filters, Filtration, Lead concentrate, Lead concentrates, Moisture content, Operation, test, Tests