The use of copper cast cooling members in the ironmaking process

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 842, 1982

J.B. HYDE, G. THOM and A. KAY, Stelco Inc. Hamilton, Ontario

This paper will initially outline the specific types of copper castings used in blast furnace iron production. Tuyeres, tuyere coolers and stack cooling plates will be discussed in some depth, with particular reference to their dimensional configuration and purpose.Following this, the failure of such cooling members will be discussed, with .special focus on tuyeres. Tuyeres are the most common casting which often requires replacement. Reasons for failure and its effect on operations will also be included.The latter sections of the paper will deal with the strict specifications demanded by ironmakers regarding copper castings. The justification for such rigid demands will be explained through the material presented earlier in the paper.
Keywords: Castings, Copper castings, Iron, Steel, Cooling plates, Blast furnaces, Stack plates, Bosh plates, Baffles.