The Upper Devonian Kettle Point Formation of Ontario

CIM Bulletin, 1960


The Upper Devonian Kettle Point black shale of southern Ontario is poorly exposed. Structural maps prepared from the data of numerous wells show that the upper surface of the formation has low regular relief, and that the lower surface reflects domes in the Middle Devonian and also local subsidence of the Devonian rocks due to solution of salt in the Silurian Salina Formation. The appearance of minor amounts. of marcasite, pyrite, and calcite, m that order, as interpreted from the evidence of concretions from the type locality at Kettle Point is tought to have been influenced by a rise m the pH within anaerobic sediments preceding compaction.
Keywords: Calcite, calcite, Chattanooga Shale, Kettle Point formation., marcasite, Minnesota Devonian, formation, Maps, Ontario, pH, pyrite, sediments, Shale, Shales