The Unitrain Loadout System

CIM Bulletin, 1969

J. T. SNIEZEK, President; D. l. BABBITT, Sales Manager, Ramsey REC Ltd., Richmond Hill, Ont.

This paper deals with the various methods for the rapid loading of unit trains which are being: used by ore processors to move their product to dock-side storage facilities or their ultimate customer. Sorne of the techniques that have been used include (1) volumetrie loading, both in motion and static, (2) batch weighing into moving cars and (3) batch weighing into cars that have been stopped. Particular emphasis shall be placed on the two systems now in use at the Adams Mine facility of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation and at Cliffs of Canada's Sherman Mine. Typical "turnaround" times, loading rates, types of cars, weighing accuracies, material handling concepts and maintenance considerations shall be discussed.
Keywords: Adams Mine, Adams Mine, freight rate, Hamilton, Ontario, silo, unit trains, Loading, Mine, Mines, Plants, Systems, Trains, Unit Trains, Weighing