The Treasures of Casa Duana or FM2 == P3

CIM Bulletin, 1955


T HE TITLE I have chosen is certainly not one of those self-explanatory ones. I shall endeavour to make its significance clear during my remarks but, in the hope of minimizing that inevitable exodus which follows a good lunch such as this, I am going to withhold the final key to its meaning until the very last sentence of this talk. Some explanation is due 11t the beginning, however, so for those of you unfamiliar with Spanish I will explain that casa means house, or l10me. The casa about which I am going to talk necessitates a wide .and generous interpretation of the word, because I am using it to indicate principally that portion of the Nor th American continent which is the home, in the western hemisphere, of British and American ideals of justice and freedom, the dignity of the individual and his right to exercise private initiative .and engage in private enterprise. In a wider sense, I am including the entire western hemisphere, which may yet stand as the last bulwark of political and industrial democracy.
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