The Timmins -Val d'Or "Gold Belt" of Ontario-Quebec

CIM Bulletin, 1973

MINERAL RESOURCES BRANCH, Department of Energy, Mines and Re sources, Ottawa, Canada

THE GOLD MINING REGION of Timmins - Val d'Or, astride the Ontario-Quebec border, has long suffered the effects of rising costs during the period when the U.S. price of gold was fixed at $35 per ounce. The federal government, through such assistance programs as that set up under the Emergency Gold Mining Assistance Act (E.G.M.A. ) in 1948, has subsidized the gold mining communities of Canada for a total of over $300 million to March 31, 1972. Of this, the Timmins - Val d'Or "gold belt" has received more than twothirds, almost $22'0 million. In spite of these continuous subsidies, only 12 gold mines are still producing in the Timmins - Val d'Or belt, whereas 71 mines have received subsidies for some period since 1948.
Keywords: copper, copper, gold mining, Quebec, Timmins -Val d'Or, Cost, Costs, Deposits, exploration, Gold, Timmins