The Superior Province

CIM Bulletin, 1970

H. D. B. WILSON, Head, Department of Earth Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Man.

THIS PAPER has resulted from a preliminary draft of a background paper prepared anonymously for the Science Council's Special Study of the Solid-Earth Sciences in Canada. The draft was circulated to eighty-four Canadian geologists; forty-eight of these responded with criticisms of the draft. All critical remarks were considered carefully and most have been incorporated in the final paper in an attempt to balance the author's bias, although this bias undoubtedly still appears. Indications of support for a particular statement or section were also helpful, because many of these contradicted criticisms and enabled the author to judge the consensus. Thus, all criticism could not be incorporated because the referees did not agree. It is interesting that some remarks were considered overstatements by some and too bland by others. The most perplexing critical comment was one which suggested a new author was needed, and went on to name the existing author as the most likely candidate.
Keywords: Archean, metamorphic, Solid-Earth Sciences, Superior Province, University of Manitoba, Data, Environment, exploration, history, Mapping, Research, Superior Province