The Solubility of Nitrogen in Liquid Iron-Titanium Alloys

CIM Bulletin, 1963


A Sieverts' technique was used. The few determinations made on 10 per cent and 20 per cent V alloys did not show any deviations from Sieverts' law up to PN2 = 1 atmosphere. The same held true for alloys of 0.2 per cent Ti. Nitrogen absorptions in FeTi alloys, containing from 0.50 to 0.77 per cent Ti at l,600 °C, follow Sieverts' law at low PN2 values, but, due to the formation of a delta titanium nitride phase, deviate from this law beyond critical values of PN2
Keywords: Alloys, Data, formation, Iron, Nitrogen, partial pressure, Solubility of Nitrogen, titanium, Vanadium, Phase, Pressure, titanium, Value, Vanadium