The Sept-Iles Beneficiation Complex — An Extended Start-Up

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 69, No. 774, 1976

C. H. Sleeman, General Manager, Technical Services, Iron Ore Company of Canada, Sept-lies, Quebec

The Iron Ore Company of Canada constructed a beneficiation complex in Sept-Iles, Quebec, to concentrate and pelletize earthy red hematite iron ores from the Knob Lake area. The plants were scheduled for initial production during the first quarter of 1973. Many problems have been experienced to date. Difficulties in controlling the process, excessive mechanical failures, design deficiencies and manpower-staffing problems have caused an extended start-up. The problems are now essentially solved and, with the completion of some additional minor modifications, it is expected that the plants will be producing premium iron ore pellets at or near rated capacity within the next immediate period.
Keywords: Iron Ore Company of Canada, Beneficiation, Sept-Iles, Concentrating, Pelletizing, Indurating, Balling.