The Role of lndians and Eskimos in the Canadian Mining lndustry

CIM Bulletin, 1969

ANDREW J. FREYMAN, Consulting Mineral Economist, Toronto, Ontario; GRAHAM T. ARMSTRONG, Economist, Economie Staff Group, Development Branch, Department of lndian Affairs and Northern Development, Ottawa, Ontario.

ln September, 1968, a survey of operating mines in the Yukon and the Northwest Territories was undertaken to determine the role of Indigenes (Indian, Metis, Eski mo) on the mines, and the attitude of mine management to these employees. The operating mines in the Territories had (at that date) a total employment of 2,002 men, of which 91 (4.5 per cent) were Indigenes. Indigenes make up 45 per cent of the Territorial population (18 per cent in the Yukon and 63 percent in the Northwest Territories). The paper documents sorne o.f the problems associated with indigenous employment in mines.
Keywords: Canadian, mining, Northwest Territories, public sector, Yukon, Development, Developments, Employment, Labour, Mine, Mines, mining, Mining industry