The Role of Energy Conservation In Canada's Energy Strategy

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 788, 1977

lan E. Efford, Director, Office of Energy Conservation, Department of Energy, Mines and Resources, Ottawa

The paper gives an assessment of Canada's energy supply'-and-demand position, the current situation and projections into the future, as well as a review of some alternative energy futures for Canada. The main elements of Canada's energy strategy for the period 1977-1990, with particular reference to the role of energy conservation, are discussed, leading into the development of the national energy conservation program. "Among the most remarkable results . . . has been the re-examination which each nation has been compelled to make with regard to its material resources. The gospel which we have been preaching for some years past has now been found to be the true gospel. It has been found by hard experience that national safety demands that nations should not only possess resources but understand them and be able to utilize them economically. Whereas, a jew years ago people listened to the discussion of this subject with polite but somewhat academic interest, they now know that no subject is of more importance to the national welfare, and that the lack of developed capacity to utilize every possible resource may, in certain emergencies, mean disaster. " SIR CLIFFORD SIFTON, to the Commission on Conservation, 1917
Keywords: Energy resources, Conservation, Resource utilization, Energy policy, Environmental control.