The relevance of new terrain mapping to mineral exploration

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 828, 1981

JOHN F. GARTNER, Consulting Engineering Geologist, Gartner Lee Associates Limited, Markham, Ontario

New terrain maps provide information on the ground conditions in northern Ontario. This information has a relevance to mineral exploration because it assists the user in determining ground conditions prior to entering the area. The prospector, geologist, geophysicist and geochemist can then plan for the optimum use of exploration techniques best suited for these ground conditions.These terrain maps are the result of the Northern Ontario Engineering Geology Terrain Study—a program carried out by five consultants under contract to the Ontario Geological Survey of the Ministry of Natural Resources. The area mapped is 370,000 km2 and more than 100 basic data maps at a 1:100,000 scale will be published.An unique terrain legend was derived to facilitate the mapping and it allows the derivation of specific user information. Examples of some of these uses are described.
Keywords: Exploration, Terrain mapping, Ontario, Ground conditions, Overburden, Aerial surveys, Maps.