The recovery and utilization of fine coal

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 81, No. 918, 1988

C.E. CAPES, R.D. COLEMAN, J.D. HAZLETT, K.A. JONASSON and W.L THAYER, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario

Loss of coal fines in reject slurries limits the yield of coal cleaning operations. Difficulties in handling fines also limit the extent of physical cleaning in treating coals with finely-disseminated impurities. Selective oil agglomeration allows even extreme fines to be processed and offers some novel approaches for coal cleaning and utilization. The oil agglomeration process for the recovery and benefi-ciation of fine and ultrafine coal has now been commercialized by the Chemical Engineering Section/Chemistry Division of the National Research Council (NRC). This paper describes these activities to apply oil agglomeration and related fine coal technologies on an industrial scale. Pilot plant and large scale results are described, as well as aspects of agglomerate utilization in both wet and dry form.
Keywords: Coal recovery, Beneficiation, Technology.