The Quebec Asbestos Testing and Quality Industry Control

CIM Bulletin, 1962

THIS paper discusses testing and quality control of milled asbestos fibre. It has been composed with the intention of: ( I ) Summarizing past, present and probable future methods of testing and classifying the various grades of commercial asbestos produced by the Quebec asbestos industry. ( 2) Acquainting those unfamiliar with the methods used for evaluating, testing and controlling the grading and the quality of Quebec chrysotile asbestos fibres with some of the physical and chemical procedures currently used for that purpose. ( 3) Discussing some of the complications facing the producers, such as variations in the orebody and special requirements of asbestos manufacturers. ( 4) Detailing some of the present qua]jty control methods.
Keywords: Asbestos, asbestos-cement, fibre, Quality control, Quebec, Control, Controls, Grade, Production, Quebec, test, Testing, Tests