The Q.A.M.A. Research Testing Laboratory and Its Relation to the Asbestos Mining Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1964

J. J. Pare Director, Q.A.M.A. Research Testing Laboratory, University of Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke, Que.

In 1961, the Quebec Asbestos Mining Association, which is an organization designed to promote and improve asbestos mining and industry, established a Research Testing Laboratory at the University of Sherbrooke. The establishment of the Laboratory within the Faculty of Sciences, staffed by the University and technically operated by the Q.A.M.A., is the first step in the setting up of a full-scale research establishment specially designed, equipped and operated to obtain a better knowledge of the intrinsic value of asbestos fibre. At the moment, t he Laboratory is primarily a testing facility, providing impartial testing to assure the quality and uniformity of the ever increasing number of fibre grades produced throughout the industry. The review of actual test procedures and apparatus, and the development of new testing techniques for a more thorough evaluation of the physical properties and strength-imparting characteristics of asbestos fibres, constitutes the main work load of the Laboratory. The organization, responsibilities and facilities necessary to fulfill the actual function of the Laboratory are detailed in this paper, as well as the research projects and expansion foreseen by the Q.A.M.A
Keywords: Asbestos, asbestos-cement, Quality control, Quebec, Quebec Asbestos, University of Sherbrooke, Grade, Laboratory, quality, Quebec, Research, Standards, test, Testing, Tests