The Pronto Mine

Special Volume, Vol. SV 33, No. 1986, 1986

The Pronto Mine located at the east end of Lake Lauzon, Long Township, some 12 miles east of Blind River is of historic note being the discovery locality and the first producing mine of the Elliot Lake uranium camp. Radioactive bedrock was discovered in 1949, a commercial deposit was verified in 1953 and production commenced in 1955. Production continued to April 1960: total tons milled 2,264,404 from which 4,643,835 pounds U,O, were recovered at a recovered grade of 2.05 pounds U,O. per short ton. The orebody is in a bed of pyritic quartz pebble conglomerate at the base of the Matinenda Formation of the Elliot Lake Group of the Huronian Supergroup. The rocks strike east and dip 15 degrees to 20 degrees south and unconformably overlie Early Precambrian granite, the upper surface of which is marked by a regolith. Several diabase dykes cut the orebody which is also affected by albite, chlorite, and carbonate-rich alterations. To the south the orebody is cut by a fault. The orebody is 6to 10 feet but locally 10 to 15 feet thick, has a strike length of 3,500 feet and extends down dip for 3,600 feet to a depth of 1,000feet. Some 300,000 tons of ore grade mineralization remain in the deeper portion of the mine.
Keywords: Uranium, Uranium exploration, Pronto Mine, Elliot Lake, Radioactive bedrock, ore grade mineralization