The Productivity Challenge in Mining

CIM Bulletin, 1968

W. G. BRISSENDEN, General Manager - Mines, Noranda Mines Ltd., Toronto, Ont.

First, some of the more important developments in underground mining: (1) The recognition that good ventilation, visibility and working conditions are essential preliminaries to efficient production has resulted in their incorporation as a matter of practice in modern mine planning. (2) The introduction of the carbide bit and the re-introduction of the airleg drill, and the resulting sharp rise in productivity, were early postwar developments. (3) The recovery of the coarser fraction of mill tailings for use as mine backfill also is an important cost-reducing development of recent years - and this has led to cemented backfill, which, although more expensive, meets certain specific needs and has tremendous potential
Keywords: open-pit, underground mining, University of Windsor, rock mechanics, load-haul