The Principle and Practice of Electromagnetic Wire Rope Testing

CIM Bulletin, 1969

J. G. LANG, Manager, Non-Destructive Testing Division, McPhar Manufacturing Limited, Don Mills, Ont.

This paper gives an outline of t he principles used in E.M. wire rope testing, showing the practical application of the device and its value in industry and in mining operations. It presents: case histories involving deterioration, such as corrosion, peening and broken wires; anomalies indicating conditions peculiar to drum hoists and friction hoists; tests of locked coil ropes; low-frequency testing; and experiments and development.
Keywords: Corrosion, corrosion, E.M. Wire Rope Testing, eddy currents, feet, Locked Coil Rope, Reduction, Rope, Ropes, Strength, test, Testing, Tests, wear