The Polaris process barge

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 852, 1983

JAMES K. GOWANS, Superintendent, Concentrator, Cominco Ltd.

Cominco Ltd.'s Polaris Mine, located on Little Cornwallis Island, Northwest Territories (latitude 75 degrees 30') went into production in late 1981, becoming the world's most northerly base metal mine. The concentrator, powerhouse, shops, offices, dry and warehouse, were uniquely designed and constructed on a 100 ft wide by 400 ft long by 65 ft high barge. This process barge was constructed in southern Canada, at Trois Rivieres, then towed 3,500 miles into the High Arctic Islands and beached on Little Cornwallis Island. The paper deals with the original design philosophy, flowsheet and the initial year's operation of the Polaris process barge.
Keywords: Arctic Mining, Polaris process barge, Flotation, Concentrator, Grinding, Crushing, Lead, Zinc, Cominco Ltd.