The Polar Continental Shelf Project

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The Polar Continental Shelf Project was initiated in 1959 to provide an administrative and logistic vehicle for research in the physical sciences of the land, sea and channel areas of the Arctic Archipelago. Most of the scientists are supplied on secondment from the professional branches of the Department. The yearly expeditions number some eighty scientists and sub-professional staff, and they are sup11orted by a fleet of fixed-winged aircraft and helicopters. Accurate positioning is obtained by the use of a Decca Lambda navigational system which is moved as the area of interest is shifted. The Project is designed to accommodate not only physical scientists, but to provide facilities for other scientists who may have an interest in the area under study.
Keywords: Arctic, Arctic Islands, Arctic Ocean, Geological Survey of Canada, Polar Continental Shelf Project, sedimentary, Canadian, Equipment, Ice, North, Projects, Survey, Surveys, Water, Waters