The performance of fixed guidance systems in mine shafts

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 847, 1982

L.C. GALLOWAY and P.M. TILEY, G.L. Tiley & Associates Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario

Some progress has already been made in defining the parameters which will determine the performance of a guidance system in a mine shaft. Very little information is available, however, to help designers or operators predict the effects of varying these parameters in new or existing installations. The experience we have gained from monitoring a variety of installations has led to the development of a model which simulates the motion of a conveyance as it moves through a mineshaft, restrained by fixed guides. This paper presents a general analysis of the performance of the guidance system used in several installations, as well as a detailed description of the problem encountered at one mine and the steps taken to solve it.
Keywords: Underground mining, Equipment, Maintenance, Shafts, Mine shafts, Guidance systems, Accelerometers, Mines d'amiante Bell Ltee, Lanigan Mine, Brunswick Mining and Smelting, Skips, Hoists.