The Patent System and the Public Interest

CIM Bulletin, 1949

THIS article is directed co a commentary on the patent system in its relation to the public interest. As man gained supremacy over his environment, he could devote progressively increasing portions o his time to improving his standards of living. In the history of the human race, we have advanced from the hollowed floating log to the modern steamship of the present age; from the sickle and flail to the reaper and combine; from the trumpet and drum as a means of communication co the telegraph, telephone, and radio; from the horse and ox cart to the automobile, truck, aeroplane, and train; and so on ad infinitum through the list of inventions on which are based the industrial and political economies and standards of living we enjoy today.
Keywords: Canadian Patent Office, letters patent, monopoly, public domain, standards of living, Development, Developments, history, Incentives, Patents, Protection, Standards, Systems