The Pacific perspective: coal development in British Columbia, 1981-2000

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 75, No. 848, 1982

JOHN CLANCY Acting Director, Mineral Economics Branch, and ANDREW J. FREYMAN, Assistant Deputy Minister, Mineral Resources Division British Columbia Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources, Victoria, B.C.

Trends in world coal markets indicate that the next twenty years could be a period of intensive development for British Columbia's coal resource. This paper examines demand projections for metallurgical, thermal and chemical feedstock coals, with particular reference to domestic and Pacific Rim markets. Supply possibilities, from the point of view of British Columbia's competitive position, are explored, with emphasis on the interaction of such factors as capital, labour, port and transportation requirements. The paper concludes with an examination of British Columbia's strategies in light of the foregoing, and comments on the government's role in ensuring that development of the coal resource be attained in a manner consistent with over-all provincial goals and objectives.
Keywords: Coal markets, Western coal, Pacific Rim, British Columbia, Line Creek Mine, Greenhills mine, Fording coal