The Occurrence of Uranium in the Lake Athabasca Region

CIM Bulletin, 1952


A LTHOUGH most uranium deposits of the Canadian Shield lie along its western and southern margins, those of the Lake Athabasca region extend easterly along the north shore of the lake and beyond to Charlehois lake. The western end of this belt of deposits, in the vicinity of Goldfields, is 80 miles from the Palaeozoic contact, and eastern end, at Charlebois lake, is 240 miles from the nearest Palaeozoic rocks. Deposits in this belt may be grouped in four districts, which are, f rom west to east : ( 1) The Goldfields district, an area approximately 20 miles square, centred on Beaverlodge lake and extending eastward from St. Joseph's point to Moose channel. (2) A small area in the vicinity of Sucker bay, which is about l 0 miles east of Fond du Lac. (3) An area including Middle lake to the northwest shore of Black lake at the Nisto mine. ( 4) A fairly large area extending northward from the eastern end of Black lake, through
Keywords: biotite, pegmatite, pitchblende, quartz, uranium, Deposits, Goldfields district, Mine, Mines, Pitchblende, Rock, Rocks, uranium