The Northern Great Plains

CIM Bulletin, 1970

J. D. AITKEN, Geological Survey of Canada, and Department of Geology, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.

THE REGION considered in this paper is bounded on the south by the 60th parallel, on the north by the Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf, on the east by Archean rocks or by highly deformed Proterozoic rocks of the Canadian Shield (certain weakly deformed Proterozoic st rata being regarded as belonging to the Great Pla ins ) , and on the west mainly by the Mackenzie and Richardson Mountains. Only the unmetamorphosed strata of the region are considered ; that is, the geology of the crystalline basement is ignored
Keywords: Alberta, Arctic, Developments, earth science, Geological Survey of Canada, Mackenzie Delta, Middle Devonian, University of Calgary, Economics, exploration, North, Production, Research, Wells