The Noranda Process after six years of operation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 73, No. 818, 1980

J.B.W. BAILEY, Reactor Supervisor, A.G. STOREY, Reactor Metallurgist, Noranda Mines Limited, Noranda, Quebec

The Noranda Process at the Home Division of Noranda Mines Limited now smelts approximately 350,000 short dry tons of concentrate a year, which is 40% of the total smelter throughput. Campaigns are averaging 200 days and refractory consumption is much lower than in the conventional smelter. In this paper, details of recent operation are given, together with updated projections for operation with higher levels of oxygen enrichment.
Keywords: Pyrometallurgy, Non-ferrous pyrometallurgy, Noranda Process, Continuous smelting, Copper smelting, Refractory wear, Tuyere silencers, Off-gas handling, Slag handling, Matte handling, Oxygen.