The Nickel · Industry (Review and Projections)

CIM Bulletin, 1972

E. H. HOLM. Vice-President, Administration, Falconbridge International Limited, Toronto, Ontario

This paper is a market-oriented review of the industry's present and forecasted performance, considering some of the principal factors influencing natural resource development. The author illustrates the steady consumption growth of nickel, and stresses the need for a quantitative long-range approach to production, consumption and the supply/ demand balance on a worldwide basis. Objective consideration of this data exposes some popular misconceptions. The possibility of near-term undersupply of nickel is discussed in relation to historically rapid changes in inventories and demand patterns. What is the significance of the increasing reliance on lateritic sources? New• facilities, new processing methods and new product forms are illustrated as further evidence of the industry's determination to satisfy the needs and preferences of nickel consumers. Examples indicate how product forms must accommodate to fast-evolving end-use technology. A review of nickel's price performance is used as a base from which to explore tomorrow's price trends.
Keywords: Consumption, Falconbridge, Falconbridge, lateritic, natural resource, Production of Free World Nickel, Sudbury, Growth, inventory, Limited, nickel, Prices, Production, Trends