The New Sidbec-Dosco Six-Strand Billet Caster

CIM Bulletin, 1973

F. J . ELLIS. Sidbec-Dosco ltd., Montreal, Que. H. W. LEON, Hatch Associates Ltd .. Toronto, Ont.

This paper covers the new six-strand curved-mould billet casting machine at the Contrecoeur Works of SidbecDosco. It commenced production of 3 Yz-in. square billets at the beginning of January 1972. Together with two 100- ton ultra-high-power electric furnaces in a new meltshop, it is the principal source of billets for the existing rod and bar mill also located at Contrecoeur. The paper develops the reasoning for casting-to-size 3Y2 -in. billets and for choosing a six-strand machine. It indicates the significance of Sidbec-Dosco Montreal Works' extensive experience in operating a four-strand curvedmould billet machine since 1965 and the ways in which this experience influenced the design and operation of the new caster. Machine features are described in detail, as are the reasons for some of the features. The installation, checkout and crew training are briefly discussed as well as the tundish teeming trials. The first cast on January 5, 1972, is covered and a log is shown of the first casts to an empty ladle. There are operating statistics covering the first 100 casts, which produced 8000 tons of good billets in ten weeks of operation. Machine performance and billet quality were good and the few minor problems encountered are described
Keywords: Bars, Billets, billets, Contrecoeur shop, Ladle Stopper, Montreal, tundish, Casting, Castings, Montreal, Systems, Tundish, Water, Waters