The Need for External Sources of R & D by the Canadian Steel Industry

CIM Bulletin, 1970

Sub-Committee of the Committee on Research, The Metallurgical Society of CIM

THE FOLLOWING REPORT was compiled by a sub-committee of The Metallurgical Society of CIM, Committee for Research, and represents a viewpoint of the steel industry in Canada. The objective was to define those areas in which the industry considers that external sources of Research and Development are a necessary function in supporting the in-house R & D conducted by the industry. On future occasions, the viewpoints of other metallurgical industries, such as those of nickel, copper and aluminum, will be presented. The report is divided into several sections: 1.-R & D Spending by the Steel Industry (a ) Memberships in Recognized Steel Research Centres (b) Memberships in Recognized Industry Associations (c) Sponsored Research at Recognized Centres (d) Sponsored Research at Universities (e) Sporadic Research 2.-Areas for Research and Development (a) Instrumentation (b) Environment Control ( c) Refractories (d) Sponsored Research at Universities (e) Electric Furnaces (f ) Continuous Casting
Keywords: Algoma Steel Corporation, Canada, Canadian, Canadian Steel Industry, steelmaking, Canada, Development, Developments, Equipment, Research, steel, Steel industry, Steels, Universities