The mineralogy of gold and its significance in metal extraction

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 851, 1983

CLAUDIA GASPARRINI, Consultant in ore microscopy and mineralogy, applied to metal extraction, Minmet Scientific Ltd., Toronto, Ontario

Factors affecting the extraction of gold are of a mineralogical nature. Knowledge of the mineralogy of the ore or metallurgical product to be treated, if appropriately combined with the metallurgical testwork, may improve gold recoveries. This paper outlines the mineralogical techniques for the study of gold ores and metallurgical products and describes the gold mineralogy in relation to its metallurgy. An effective plan for studying refractory and other difficult ores, combining metallurgical test work, chemical analysis and mineralogy and capable of giving positive results over relatively short periods of time, is suggested.
Keywords: Gold, Gold mineralogy, Metal extraction, Electron microprobe, Gold-bearing minerals, Gold recovery.