The Mineral lndustry- Review and Prospect

CIM Bulletin, 1966

F. A. Forward  President, C.I.M., 1965-66 Director, Scientific Secretariat, Privy Council Office

NINETEEN sixty-six is a year of unusual significance in our Institute and in our country. It marks two-thirds of a century of service by the Institute to the people of the mineral industry and two-thirds of the century that Sir Wilfred Laurier said "belongs to Canada." As we meet here today within the historie walls of Canada's oldest city, a city that looks back on three hundred and fifty years of progress, I am reminded that it is almost a third of a century ago - in April, 1934 - that here in Quebec I first attended an Annual General Meeting of the Institute. It occurred to me that it might be appropriate to examine briefly the change that the middle third of this century has brought in the affairs of the mineral industry and, with sorne trepidation, to consider the prospect for the third that lies ahead.
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