The Migration of the Slave Province

CIM Bulletin, 1973

W. G. WAHL, Consultant, W. G. Wahl Limited, Toronto, Ontario

The Slave Province, a segment of Archean continental crust, migrated west and north from the northern flank of the Superior protoshield shortly after the Kenoran orogeny. The probable cause of migration, the path it followed and the cause of its coming to rest can be inferred from the Bouguer gravity data. The migration caused an indentation in the edge of the Superior protoshield which precluded the development of the Hudsonian orogenic front under Hudson Bay. As the nickel and asbestos deposits of the Thompson Nickel Belt and the New Quebec Nickel Belt are restricted to this orogenic front, no such deposits would occur under Hudson Bay.
Keywords: Archean, Archean, continental crust, Hudson Bay, Hudsonian orogeny, Thompson Manitoba Nickel Belt, Data, Gravity, migration, Ontario, Quebec, Rock, Rocks, sediments, Slave Province