The Midwest uranium project— development of the milling process

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 76, No. 852, 1983

LA. MELIS, Consultant, K.S. FRASER, Key Lake Mining Corporation, V.l. LAKSHMANAN Ontario Research Foundation

This paper describes the development of a milling circuit for the complex Midwest orebody, containing a high-arsenic uranium ore typical of that found in northern Saskatchewan. The results of preliminary bench-scale testwork are summarized. Data from a pilot-plant program carried out at the Ontario Research Foundation are provided for the selected mill flowsheet. Also described are waste circuits which have been established to produce effluents of acceptable quality. Pilot-plant testing of sub-aerial tailings deposition is also described. The applicability of manufacturers' equipment for the various circuits in the flowsheet is discussed.
Keywords: Uranium, Midwest uranium deposit, Waste treatment, Leaching, Atmospheric leaching, Caro's acid, Pressure acid leachingi Grinding, Solvent extraction.