The MetSoc Fund of the CIMF

The MetSoc Fund of the CIMF supports students programs and scholarships in the metallurgy and materials field such as scholarships, field trips, participation at conference and educational events. We donate to students over $20,000 yearly from donations to the fund.
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Contribution to CIMF Scholarships

The CIM Foundation provides scholarship to attract undergraduate students to a career in the mining industry. These scholarships are supported by donations from individuals as well as special contributions from corporations.

Contribution to the CIMF Fund for CIM Educational Programs

The CIM Foundation supports educational programs in Canada including, CIMs M4S (since its inception in 2005), The Club de Minéralogie de Montréal, BC Mineral ED and Mining Matters. CIMF also creates and distributes its signature educational material such as over 400 mineral cards (free of charge), mineral match panels, and a mineral bingo game.

Contribution to the CIMF General Fund

The CIM Foundation contributes to educational programs and activities to help promote the mining industry and its importance in our daily lives. It also fundraises to support education and training initiatives across the country.
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