The Measurement of the Sulphur Dioxide Content of Copper Converter Gases an Aid to Converter Control

CIM Bulletin, 1966

E. H. Dudgeon Division of Mechonical Engineering, National Research Council, Ottawa, Ont.

In order to make increased use of automation in copper smelting, it is evident that a useful first step world be the accurate determination of the copper end point the converter operation. After laboratory tests, the copper end points in a copper converter at Gaspe Copper Mmes Ltd. were determined without reference to melt samples or other observations. The results indicated that the rapid measurement of the S02 level in the gas released from the converter has potential as a new and independent method of determining the copper end point in converter operation.
Keywords: Air, Bars, Converters, copper, Copper End Point, slag, smelter, sulphur dioxide, tuyeres, Operation, Operators, Phase, test, Tests