The Magnetite Distribution in the Smallwood Mine

CIM Bulletin, 1968

ERWIN L. ZODROW, Geologist, The Iron Ore Company of Canada, Ltd., Labrador City, Newfoundland.

This paper is based on a statistical analysis of the Smallwood iron ore mine (6). In this mine, the prediction of magnetite is especially difficult because of strong trends. Recognizing the statistical limitations of the sample data, the paper approaches the basic statistical analysis of the magnetite by endeavouring to obtain a first approximation of its sample density function. The knowledge of the distribution of a random variable is essential for several reasons, but particularly: (1) to obtain reliable estimators of the population parameters - for example, mean and variance; and (2) to use these estimators in hypothesis-testing concerning future experiments - sample points and sample intervals.
Keywords: Data, Density, Distribution, Iron Ore Company of Canada, magnetite, normality, Pennsylvania State University, statistical, Labrador, Magnetite, Mine, Mines, Orebody, Statistics