The Larger Electric Mining Shovel of the Future, Today

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 780, 1977

S. S. Burns, Manager of Electrical Technical Services, Mining Equipment Division, Harnischfeger International Corporation, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Shovels of 18 cubic yard capacity and larger are described which incorporate advanced technology and techniques providing performance and operation tailored to meet the needs of open-pit mining. To achieve the goals of increased production at lower cost with consideration of maximum availability, lower energy consumption per ton and low impact on pit power, Harnischfeger Corporation developed a solid-state drive system ("Electrotorque" — P&H trademark) and applied unique transmission methods. To date, more than 250,000 hours of experience in different parts of the world under varying operating and environmental conditions has proven that the "Electrotorque" shovel is the shovel of the future, today. This paper will discuss the electrical features and touch briefly on some mechanical features.
Keywords: Mechanical-electrical equipment, Shovels, Mining shovels, Electric shovels, Open-pit mining, Transmissions, "Electrotorque", Generators, Energy consumption, Power factors.