The Kidd copper smelter and refinery description and early operation

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 77, No. 866, 1984

P.M. SWEETIN Manager, Engineering, C.J. NEWMAN Superintendent, Copper Smelter, D.J. KEMP, Superintendent, Copper Refinery, Kidd Creek Mines Ltd., Timmins, Ontario

The smelter is described by area; feed preparation, continuous furnace line, gas handling and auxiliary systems, blister refining, Hazelett casting of thin anodes, and scrap remelting. Early smelter campaign data is presented and compared to design. Some modifications to the basic design of the furnaces and gas trains are indicated, with their respective impacts on improving smelter performance. Plant compactness, the use of jumbo tanks, and a highly automated electrode handling system are featured in the refinery description, with brief coverage of the liberator and slimes leaching sections. Early experience in refining thin regular Hazelett anodes, and submersible pump recovery of raw slimes are relayed, together with automatic stripping from titanium blanks. Refinery tonnages and operating parameters are given showing the relatively trouble-free attainment of refinery design performance.
Keywords: Plant design, Copper smelter, Copper refinery, Kidd Creek Mines, Metallurgy, Design performance