The Jinia Copper Smelter

CIM Bulletin, 1966

D. G. Treilhard Kilembe Mines Limited, Jinja, Uganda

After a brief history of the mining and smelting operations of Kilembe Mines Limited, this paper outlines the smelter layout and describes . the. daily operations a.t the Jinja plant. Particular attention 1s paid to the details of the furnace and converter operation. A subsequent section of the paper deals with the significant developments in plant metallurgical practice, covering both smelting and converting.
Keywords: Assays of Smelter Feed, Converter Slag 1, furnace, silica, Ton Copper Produced . . ., Converters, copper, Electrodes, Furnaces, Silica, Slag, Slags, smelter, Smelters