The Installation of Instruments In Minerals Processing Plants

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 70, No. 777, 1977

G. M. Behrend, Canadian Bechtel Limited, Toronto, Ontario

Measurement and control systems in minerals processing plants are usually well thought out and designed. The criteria and design parameters have been interpreted correctly. However, these systems often fail to perform, satisfactorily or break down altogether as a result of in-plant conditions which are unpredictable and over which the instrument systems designer has no direct control. The foresight necessary to anticipate the problems and allow for them in the systems design can only be generated by experience. This paper lists the most common of these problems and offers practical methods for their solution. It then follows with an analysis of instrument installation practices and comments on special points that need watching. Finally, instrument maintenance is discussed with a view to achieving good maintenance at the best possible economy.
Keywords: Plant engineering, Maintenance, Installation, Mineral processing plants, Control systems, Flow measurements, Weight measurements, Level measurements, Temperature measurements.