The Importance of Subsurface Water Data in Petroleum Geology

CIM Bulletin, 1958


Subsurface water data can be very valuable in .petroleum exploration and research. For the discussion of problems related to subsurface waters uniform nomenclature and classifications are required. The term connate water has frequently been incorrectly used. It should .only be used in its original sense in which it is analagous to fossil water. Classifications based on origin and on sodium-chloride content are proposed. Present and possible uses of formation water analyses are briefly discussed. Since the potential uses of formation water data are not fully understood, complete analyses of selected samples should be made to insure against future requirements. The subsurface waters of Alberta show considerable regional variation in amount and proportion of dissolved salts.
Keywords: Alberta, connate water, salinity, sodium chloride, Tidewater Oil Company, analysis, Chloride, Chlorides, Data, formation, Oil, Oils, Water, Waters