The Implications of Planning and Scheduling by CPM

CIM Bulletin, 1965

Jack G. Hazan Scheduling Engineer, Bechtel and Company, Montreal, Quebec.

The Critical Path Method is the modern scientific answer for solving the planning and scheduling problems inherent in today's complex projects. With this method, nothing is left to chance. All resources are controlled and kept to the minimum. The various phases are properly planned and strategically determined. Optimum conditions are evaluated for the most economical and fastest way to complete a definite project. The method must be fully understood and implemented with positive data and continuous feedback to obtain the best results. This paper covers the various aspects of the Critical Path Method and mentions some of its applications in the mining and metallurgical fields.
Keywords: bar chart, Critical Path Method, dollar voting, economic freedom, network diagram, Control, Cost, Costs, Management, Planning, Progress, Projects, Resources, Scheduling