The Impact of Tonnage Oxygen on Steelmaking at Stelco

CIM Bulletin, 1965

F. W. Irwin General Supervising Metallurgist - Primary, Metallurgy & Quality Control Dept., The Steel Company of Canada, Limited, Hamilton, Ont.

In recent years, a number of significant developments have occurred in the steel industry which are notable and of general interest. This paper is confined to the steel-melting phase of the business. The development of high production rates on Stelco's Basic Open Hearth furnaces is chronologically summarized. Although various aspects of this subject have been presented previously, this paper summarizes the developments in high fuel rates, the usage of basic refractories, low and high oxygen rates and hearth maintenance.
Keywords: Development, Developments, Fuel, Fuels, furnace, pig iron, refractory, Stelco, Tons Oxygen, Furnaces, Oxygen, Scrap, steel, Steels