The Griffith Mine Story

CIM Bulletin, 1970

F. P. MORAWSKI, J. D. JEFFRIES, D. M. WILSON, J. E. SCHELSKE, J. R. GEDDES and B. R. EBERTS, The Griffith Mine, Red Lake, Ontario

The Griffith Mine is located 200 miles northeast of Winnipeg and is 30 miles south of Red Lake, Ontario. Owned by The Steel Company of Canada Limited and managed by Pickands Mather & Co., it has an annual rated capacity of 1.5 million tons of high-grade iron ore pellets with an analysis of 66.3 per cent iron and 4.5 per cent silica. Development of the mine and construction of the plant got underway in January of 1966 and operations began in February of 1968. The orebodies outcrop on the shore of Bruce lake and run under the lake. The ore in its crude form is a metasedimentary low-grade magnetite and occurs in a highly folded banded formation. The average iron analysis of the crude is 29 per cent and the over-all weight recovery is 32 per cent. In order to mine the portion of the orebody under the lake, the soft varved clay on the lake bottom was hydraulically dredged and a dyke constructed of rock, with till used to provide an impervious seal on the lake side of the dyke, prior to dewatering. • Mining is carried out by conventional open-pit techniques. Ore dressing is achieved by combining one crushing stage and a two-stage grinding system, with beneficiation by magnetic separation, hydroseparation and flotation. Agglomerating is done with conventional balling drums and pelletizing is carried out in shaft furnaces. Of interest and discussed in detail are the 32-foot autogeno..u s cascade mills
Keywords: buttress, dredging, dyke, iron ore, magnetite, Clay, Clays, Construction, Dykes, Materials, Mine, Mines, mining