The Grenville Province

CIM Bulletin, 1970

A. J. BAER, Head, Grenville Section, Crustal Geology Division, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.

THE EXPOSED PART OF THE GRENVILLE PROVINCE is the southeastern part of the Canadian Shield, characterized by crystalline rocks with K-Arages of about 1,000 million years. Its Canadian portion is bounded on the southwest by Georgian Bay •and by Paleozoic sediments south of a line passing through Orillia and Kingston, on the southeast by the St. Lawrence River valley and the north shore of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, on the east by the coast of Labrador and on the northwest by the Grenville front, a linear tectonic feature that is a metamorphic transition zone and/or a fault. Rocks located to the southeast of the front have younger K-Ar radiometric ages than rocks located to the northwest of it.
Keywords: Canada, Canadian Shield, earth science, Geological Survey of Canada, Precambrian, province, Geological Survey of Canada, geology, Grenville, Grenville Province, Mapping, Rock, Rocks