The Greenhills surface coal mining project

CIM Bulletin, Vol. 74, No. 827, 1981

CLIFFORD BRITCH, Project Manager, Greenhills Surface Coal Mining Project, Kaiser Resources Ltd., Sparwood, B.C.

Kaiser Resources Ltd. has completed feasibility studies resulting in approval of $277,500,000 for the construction of the Greenhills Surface Coal Mine, located 35 km north of Sparwood, B.C. The mine is designed to produce 1,800,000 tonnes per year of metallurgical coal over a 20-year period by conventional truck/shovel methods.The project is in the detailed design phase, with some preparation work being carried out on the site. The major construction activities are scheduled to commence in the spring of 1981. Mine development and pre-stripping will commence in July 1981, with first coal production scheduled for mid 1983.This paper will be a general description of the project and will include a discussion of the geology, reserves, mine planning, coal handling and processing, surface facilities and related topics.
Keywords: Coal mining, Surface mining, Greenhills Project, Kaiser Resources Ltd., Mine geology, Mine planning, Stripping, Coal processing, Maintenance, Project development.