The Geophysics Division of the Geological Survey of Canada

CIM Bulletin, 1963


The Division is concerned with physical methods. as applied to geological research and mapping. An attempt is made to describe long-term goals, illustrated by examples of projects in the fields of aeromagnetic interpretation, palaeomagnetic research, Pleistocene and groundwater geophysics, seismic surveying, electromagnetic research and instrument development. Cooperative projects in surveys and research, with universities, private companies and provincial organizations, are frequently undertaken. An outstanding example of this is the recently approved Federal- Provincial Aeromagnetic Survey Plan, the purpose of which is discussed both from an economic and a scientific point of view.
Keywords: Am. Geophysical Union, geological mapping, Geological Survey of Canada, magnetometer, palaeomagnetic, Canada, Data, Geophysics, Magnetometers, Maps, Research, Rock, Rocks, Survey, Surveys